You can relax with many dishes made with waffle iron

What is your favorite hobby? What you usually do at the weekend to have more fun and relax? Cooking is a wonderful way, you can create delicious dishes for yourself and all the members in your family. Instead using pan or pot, cook with gas , with just a waffle iron you can make many nice dishes quickly. A waffle maker not take too much time for cooking, you can have the meals already in such a few minutes. So you should purchase the best waffle iron for your kitchen

The nice recipes can bring you happy time and help you to relax at the weekend after the whole busy days. Please note them in your notebook and enjoy

  • The chocolate chip waffle cookies:

The chocolate chip waffle cookies is a sweet dessert, the children will love it very much

-The necessary ingredients to prepare:

+a half cup of melted butter

+one cup of brown sugar or white sugar

+some eggs ( you need to separate the white and yolk apart )

+two spoons of vanilla

+a small bowl of chocolate chips


You need to heat the waffle iron first. Put all the ingredients in a big bowl, flour, baking soda, brown sugar, melted butter, eggs and then stir them together. Add the vanilla after to gain the taste and make it more attractive with vanilla smelt. Put all the bowl of chocolate chips into the mixed ingredients

When the waffle maker heated already, pour the liquid ingredients into the inside space and close the shell. Remember to grease some oil on the surrounded surface for non – stick purposes. Waiting about 10 minutes until the waffles cooked, then open the shell and release the waffles with a tiny spoon, set them on the plate and enjoy

  • The grilled cheese waffle:

-The necessary ingredients to prepare:

+4 slices of soft-wheat bread

+4 slices of Cheddar cheese

+3 spoon of butter ( it depend on the amount of fats you want )


You have to make sure that your waffle is non-stick enough and cleaned up already, if not the cheese will stick and leave mess inside. You need to heat the batter first, then assemble the butter on bread surface. Then place the slices of Cheddar cheese into the waffle maker

When the iron is hot enough, put the slices of bread inside. And wait for 3 minutes or the surface of bread turn into attractive brown and the cheese is melting. Please or not forget to turn the bread during cooking process to make sure it cooked both faces and not burned. After the bread is cooked, take them out slightly with a spoon or a knife, and be careful in order not to scratch the surface inside

  • The banana waffle:

-The necessary ingredients to prepare:

+2 cups of flour

+a half cup of baking soda

+a half cup of sugar

+some source of cream

+some mashed banana ( 3 bananas is enough )

+a spoon of vanilla added

-The directions:

To make banana waffles, you need to set-up the suitable temperature. The perfect temperature to heat is about 170 degrees. Then whisk all the ingredients together, such as flour, sugar, baking soda, salt and butter into a big bowl. Add the mashed banana into the mixture and stir until they combine together

Use a brush to grease the bottom and the top of waffle iron with some oil to remove the waffles easily after cooked. Then close the shell and cooked the waffles in 6 minutes. When you take the cooked waffles out and set them on plate, spread a little bit melting butter on the surface to make them look more attractive

  • The iron French toast

-The necessary ingredients to prepare:

+2 cups of brown sugar

+some slices of bread

+3 cups of fresh milk

+a spoon of vanilla

-The directions:

Put all the ingredients into a big bowl and mix them together until they combined. You can add some syrup or brown sugar. Then dip the slices of bread into the liquid ingredients and baked them in the waffle iron. After about 5 minutes cooking, take them out and set them on the plate, add some favorite topping on the surface such as peanuts or fresh fruit