Tidying up the house is not simple work. The key to this matter is that you have to divide the whole work into small tasks then arrange each. This will help you learn to live orderly. You all know that cleaning takes time and there are too many things to wash, clean and renew. This usually makes you feel tired. However, you do not have to worry on the grounds that here, we will provide you some tips so that you can rearrange your houses suitably.

  1. Main steps

There are some main steps as bellows:

  • Begin with the simplest task such as rearranging the fridge or a bookshelf. Then you can pass to other tasks.
  • Tidy up all the rooms respectively
  • Clean all the stains in the house
  • Throw what is unnecessary or unusable

If you want your house to be tidying up, all you need to do is form a good habit through which you will be used to the cleanup.

  1. Arrange the kitchen and the bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are used every day so these two rooms are often messy. Your task is to arrange the rooms as the following instructions.

  • At least once a week, clean the fridge and the kitchen cabinet to get rid of food residue and foo you no longer eat. For the food that is still usable but you do not need, you can give it to your neighbors.
  • Every day, make sure that all the dishes and cups are washed carefully. You had better wash the cups in the early morning and wash the dishes right after eating.
  • As the same, in the bath room, you should have a separate box to store personal toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, shampoo and bathing gel. All the towels should be hung on a shelf. When you run out of shampoo or bathing gel, you have to throw the bottles way to make room for the new ones.
  1. Arrange the bedroom and living room

Other rooms should also be cleaned regularly. Here are some important steps to keep the bedroom and living room always tidying up.

  • Do not bulk the clothes on the floor or on the bed. Put them aside in the wardrobes or clothes drawers. The clothes that have stains need to be washed.
  • It is advisable to clean the house every four days. Clean the living room. Put aside things that are displayed indiscriminately such as old newspapers or magazines. Throw the clothes you no longer wear and arrange your wardrobe.
  • Every day, you only need to spend 20 minutes to clean the house. However, if you let the things acuminate, it will be very hard for you to tidy up. You will feel tired with the mess in front of you.
  • Do not forget to wash the window curtains in each room as they contain a lot of dust.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to all the machines in your houses. After a long time operating, these machines will absorb a lot of dirt and they should be cleaned thoroughly. For example, for washing machine, after you wash the clothes, you had better open its door to dry all the inside parts. If you close the door all the time, it will smell bad.

These are some tips for you when it comes to cleaning the house. You just need to spend 20 – 30 minutes daily to do what is said above. Your house will look new and tidying up than ever before.