Things You Need To Know About Tomorrowland
Things You Need To Know About Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival and is one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Festive‘s atmosphere full of unique illusion created by electronic music. Line- up also according to different types of trance, house, rave music.

When you take part in this festival, you will feel all lyrics of songs that are played by many people. It is a special thing in this festival.

Something About This Festival

Every year, this festival is held and invested a lot of labor and effort for the decoration; it brings a lot of experience for the participants in this festival. For example, in 2011, Tomorrowland theme “Alice in Wonderland” including with huge oak trees, mushrooms, laser fired from the eyes of the characters are decorations and waterfalls.

This festival uses for everyone. They joined all people and dance, sing when the music takes out.

With significant investment from the effort to make up the time as if any attendee affects such items will be invited to leave the festival.

The Gathering

The Gathering is a party was held the night before the festival officially started Tomorrowland. Special guests attending just for camping tickets at DreamVille.

There are about 20 large and small stage for each style and personality of each performer. Some can perform every day; some of the performances vary depending on the day. Therefore, the participants do not see all the performances on the line-up.

Each stage is carefully decorated, and each stage is an own musical style. Tomorrowland average of 14 stages, and may increase or decrease depending on the event.

There is one area specifically designed for couples. In this 1 bed with a condom to serve the “mojo.” Outside is the girl with the dress as the application is responsible for protecting the church to keep the privacy of the couple inside. Each couple has about 10 -15p in here.


Tickets are sent to buyers with 1 hand electronic bracelet to allow guests can participate in the event. It is like one passport incomplete information when registering attendees buy tickets and will be security checks at the gate.

The bracelet will be activated online before the attendees to the festival. And when has enabled you will not be able to bring this bracelet for anyone else.

Tomorrowland offers a wide range of travel packages to the festival. “Global Journey. “Is a package including return tickets after the event. Several special flights on aircraft performances for attendees. Although it is extremely expensive but increasingly popular due to increasingly difficult type usually buy tickets.

There are also many tourist units offer tour packages to Tomorrowland. Can see a world-scale event was held to every service detail from the participants come from different countries.


You should wear clothes with bright colors, suitable for the carnival atmosphere here, and do not wear too close to be able to easily move and jump here. Especially recommended that you do not wear denim, because it’s not good when rain or sweat wets you. Colored costumes and religious politics is also prohibited.

Shoes and sandals are easy to move because you can lose up to 15 – 30 minutes to move from the campsite to the festival venue.

What Should We Wear?

The weather here can be very sunny, if you’re camping and frequently outside should have sunglasses. Sunscreen is also necessary. Bring water and drink water regularly because you can lose a lot of water, making you feel tired.

Should bring earplugs to sleep easy, because when you sleep does not mean that people will be sleeping around. There are camping areas to focus but if you go as a group will have separate areas for your group. You can get to the campsite, but the focus here will not reach areas of your camping group.

You can bring food and drinks to the camping area but cannot be brought into the area Showman. All glazed objects are prohibited.

Have you ever thought about this festival? This is a music festival is organized for everyone. And when participating this festival, you can sing, dance, wear anything you want.

Hope you have good feelings when taking part in this festival.