Every day, we have to deal with the cleanup with a lot of irritating matters such as being surrounded by a room of dust, the smelly sour food in the fridge and tens of old toys of our children lying indiscriminately on the floor. These things are annoying enough to make us think of them all the time. Among this mess, we often forget about cleaning it up in a right way. Instead, we do not clean carefully with the uncomfortable feeling. However, it is necessary to change the way of clearing up and tidying up. Today we will give you instructions about the ordinal steps of cleaning a house.

It also depends on experience of each person and the time each individual spends on cleaning. However, proper cleaning steps will help you lessen the time cleaning and provoke the inspiration for doing housework in each of us.

The ordinal step is cleaning the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and the toilet.

  1. Cleaning the bedroom

The bedroom seems to have less dust and dirt than any other room so we do not need to spend much time tidying up it. For a messy bedroom of adults, we only have to collect all the clothes strewing on the bed and on the floor. Next, we will rearrange all the furniture and things in the room. For example, the make-up table is often messy as women have to use cosmetics and make up every day. It will take only some minutes to put all the cosmetics back to their position. The bedroom table also needs arranging. Usually, we just have to use a wet towel to clean the surface of the table and put the chairs in its right position.

For the bed, we ought to gather the blankets, pillows, mattresses and mats in order to wash them. If they are clean, we just need to rearrange them.

  1. Cleaning the living room

The living room is where gathers all the activities of the families so there are a lot of dust and smell here. Dust is everywhere in this room: on the table, on the sofa and on all the decorative shelves. Therefore, the first step we should do is to use a soft brush to get rid of the dust stick to all the furniture. After that, when the dust drops on the floor, we sweep it. Collect all the rubbish such as nylon bags or fruit peels and throw them into the waste basket. The next step is to rearrange all the things in the living room such as the cushions on sofas, the bookshelves and the table. Use a wet towel to clean decorative objects and use a soft dry towel to clean the fan, television and wooden furniture. Finally, clean the floor with a wet cleaning brush. For glass door or windows, we had better use some detergent with comfortable fragrance to spray on the glass and use a towel to clean. Certainly, the glass will look transparent.

  1. Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is the place that gathers all the smells of the food. All the stoves and the kitchen table absorb this smell and remain some food residue. Therefore, use some chemical detergent to clean the sink, the kitchen table and throw all the food waste into the basket.

To eliminate the food smell in the kitchen, it is the best if you equip the room with an air filtering machine. It will help you absorb all the bad smell and give you the fresh air. In addition, you can use some natural scents from lemon, grapefruit or orange to reduce the smell. In the kitchen, the fridge also needs to be taken care of. Therefore, do not forget to clean and arrange the fridge.

  1. Cleaning the toilet

It seems to us that the toilet is often clean. However, it smells bad. Firstly, we have to clean the sink with some multi – functional detergent. Use a sponge to rub. Or you can pour some detergent into water and then pour all the mix into the sink and keep it for ten minutes. Then pour warm water to clean the sink. All the bottles of shampoo, bathing gel … needs to be cleaned and put in their position.

You also need to clean the walls and the floor in the toilet. After all, use some perfume to spray out to the toilet so that bad smell is surpassed.

The final step in terms of cleaning the house is to clean all the floors of the house from the upper floor to the lower. Use the cleaning brushes to clean. After finishing this, you can have time to relax. For cleaning the whole house, you should do twice a week.