The Features Of Function Of Lawn Mower

There is a lawn mower line, its the model of the handheld line lawn mower Sweden in particular and the market in general lawn mower. It is the strongest type of lawn mower is very durable high performance and fuel economy. The design of the machine is suitable for the implementation of these tasks require high demands.

It is designed to help facilitate holding the machine can work at locations more convenient form. Buying an electric lawn mower, you need to pay attention to some features of this product.

The Effectiveness Of Lawn Mower

Grass cutting machine can be extremely effective with integrated head cutter knife. We could easily replaced with iron or grass blade serrated blade for cutting grass in places healthier rugged terrain.

Double strap design standards helps us to wear it on the shoulder of gravity will reduce the volume of lawnmowers should put the shoulder so becomes lighter for the user.

Includes Many Features

Lawn mowers can be used both with the blade of grass and illuminating dust tongue.

Combination guard

Guard combination can use the grass blade or cutting head charge.

Easily control lawn mower

The key hole magnet assembly enables easy cutting equipment.

The smart features of the Swedish lawn mower

Petrol pump of the grass

Machines designed to pump fuel pump knob up easily into the fuel tank of the machine makes the boot easy to use.

Straps of lawn mower is double standard strap

Protection Pieces Of Lawn Mower

Piece integrated dual protection. Detachable convenience. Sure to ensure safety when used in combination with the cutting knife or come early can use either trimmed or wheels of the machine charges

The handle of the machine system designed lawn healthy

Handles are designed staggered mounted with tube with a round cast iron near the hard steel material makes the machine can increase machine reliability weight put on the body

The Lawn Mower Can Help Heavy Work

The machine and bowls are made of special steel is resistant to abrasion and wear and tear when operated in environments heavy workload allows the machine can still perform complex tasks when using its large tongue or longer.

Starters separate lawn mower. Starters like this design that boots and can easily convert simple changes as needed

Air filter efficient operation of machine. Wind machine filter made of good material to help minimize machine repair costs fuel economy and reduce the possibility of damage. Cycle of institutions working lawn mower or lawn mower carburetor.

The Mixture Of Fuel

Priority, gasoline and fuel mixture is introduced into the furnace through the input pipe of lawnmowers and petrol fuel pipes. When the cylinders, also known as the combustion chamber of the cylinder mowers full fuel mixture to a certain extent, then float and needle valve carburetor lawn mower is lifted and put the loaded fuel mixture is stopped or we can also see through the department’s institutional visits on lawn mowers reduced. The pressure of the atmosphere will squeeze air into the carburetor plant grass. That is the place to which the gas is mixed with the best standard of petrol from the top chamber to bring the fuel mixture is used for lawn mowers and air petrol, petrol / gas not included in regular gasoline on or is 1g / 14,7g air.

If the rate of fuel gas in the mixture is greater than 1g / 14,7g called excessive use while the old lawn mower engine is started or increased load presses. If the lawn mower engine is always operating in a state rich fuel mixture will lead to condensed dirty black soot wholesaler in the combustion chamber and spark plug and the hole where communal pipe, we call that phenomenon ” gasoline eat “the lawnmower. Or excess gas

If the rate on a fuel mixture of gasoline is less than the rate of 1g / 14,7g we call hunger fuel mixture, which is generated by our fully adjustable parameters are corrected, and the load caused by gas pipeline get shot. Lawn mower engine and our operations in the state of hunger will fuel mixture capacity leads to the reduction of lawn mowers, lawn mowers torque capacity decrease due to impaired motor phenomena generated by closing dirty white boxes in the combustion chamber of the cylinder and piston thereby causing the spark white head.

Carburetor or fuel tank of the lawn mower must ensure five the new standard can work well.