The Best Subtract For You About Turntables For Music
The Best Subtract For You About Turntables For Music

You usually listen to music. Your style is traditional. You can find out the turntable to enjoy some melody song. This product will help you with that function.

You don’t know how to choose the turntables. Just by reading turntable reviews, you will know how to choose good one and serve for your favorite. Music is always make people feel smoothly after hard day. And buying this product, you will have more opportunity to do enjoy many songs.

Turntable has many categories: LX, Poland, AMIGA (Germany), Romania, but in the judgment of connoisseurs. There are plastic discs you not because it’s expensive, but worth shares in the singer and orchestra.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Turntables  and you

According to connoisseur’s ancient records, vinyl records since the 1920 launch originally made of coal, the latter made of hard plastic, but fragile, pretty fast slew rate should sound very authentic. The third generation, born between 1948 disc is kind of recordings made from vinyl and is very flexible.

This type of turntable is more durable metal to diamond standards, very expensive but can be used 1,000 hours, individual citizens used to play in 3,000 hours. But only heard one side of each post. In the discotheques, DJs often use the first disc 1 of high quality articles. A genuine vinyl than 20 times just to hear is noise.

There are many people after years of sticking and put money on the plate were not patient enough to continue playing, but switched to CD. Playing turntables is not easy. The disk storage is relatively sophisticated. As hobby is always costly, take public.

From disk wiping to put all how, every post has to go, do not press the remote control. There are not the first professional disc for any automated. Even with the camera body 33 cycles / min, but wanted to hear the disc 45v / p to 45 separate motorized to hear.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Turntables  and you

Preservation is the most important drive to avoid dust, often have plastic wrapped, each time listening to wipe clean. People play at hydrophobic turntable directly put his hand on the disc for easy cause corrosion, scratches, affects the sound quality.

Must you really know loan, payable 1-2 days. Even when he saw a man with a turntable nor complete, the disc touching certain groove I do not loan. The borrower is not consciously used, scratch wounds alone one time that plate down, listening to paragraph scratched always known dramatic one, in which we call the voice of time.

One year I pulled the disk out once then wash and dry wipes to take off because of dust lie indecipherable language. Preserving camcorder must also very carefully, a little broken metal profile is happening. When the need to seriously rested on the wrong disk will make known, only those who know about it know

Motion, Directly Or Indirectly?

The professional players generally prefer music turntables types are not automatically more, fewer parts, less vibration and give the music smoother. However, with new players should choose the automatic player coal because they convenience, on the other hand, individual automated machines to ensure no scratched discs and use a longer needle.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Turntables  and you

With indirect drive type, drive motor for the rotary through belts or wheel will spleen on the bottom inside of the rotary. Also, the type of direct drive rotary motion thanks to the direct drive from the electric motor.

Comparing the two types of transmission can be seen, the type of indirect transmission via wheel spleen and belts can reduce unnecessary vibrations transmitted from the engine to the rotary, so that the choice often Audiophiles select the belt to rotate the disc tray than dial type directly.

However, the belt will not be durable and long lasting than the kind of rotation directly. Besides, LPs are not placed directly on the rotary, but through a pad. On the other hand, players also have more choice with the type of player to run automatically or non-automatic type, belt type phonograph by indirect or direct dial rested cakes. Learn and study all kinds of coal a player on the internet is probably a great way for players to get a player like the best charcoal.