The Best Importance Of Music In Each Festival
The Best Importance Of Music In Each Festival

If you ever visit a country of thousands of islands make not difficult to realize for Filipino music is something ingrained and their flesh. When you come to this countries, even just around the street you can get free music all day. Due to cultural influences from the US and Western countries should people here are ringing the European and American music genres.

In each countries has many festival. But the music along with festival is so important. It helps people feel about the spirit of that festival. In Philippines is so. Now we will introduce to you about some festivals and music that are organized in this countries.

Filipinos love the fun. Almost people here everyone can sing and dance all. Once the shopping at Park Mall in the city of Cebu, I was not surprised when hundreds of people standing closed the front hall and dance Zumba – a dance to the music fast akin to jumping. Not shy or embarrassed all- from young and old, man or woman, all smiling and swaying to the music, no less than the professional dancers.

Filipinos especially like singing, dancing. Not only people but also the prisoners here are great dancers. Being a friend of the dance tells the prison in Cebu is one of the traditional dances are held on the last Saturday of the month, I was curious to find.

The concert was held for more than 1 hour at the courtyard of the detention center attracting hundreds of foreign tourists and students at schools in Cebu to enjoy. However you have to queue up really early and serial number before entering.

Start with traditional national anthem and then the prisoner turns his talents seemed last dance Michael Jackson, Gangnam style, Gentle Man and even the popular songs of Cebu again. The last item is the collective dance with the prisoners, and you will be able to join in dancing and socializing with them.

Performances When Coming This Countries

If anyone analogy that this is the artist, is not wrong, they love the music, love the dance. That is why throughout the island, the festival takes place every day and always attracts a large international students and foreign guests attended.

People who participate in competitions, dance performances colorful street deft blend of tradition and modernity to honor the gods protect them, to express their gratitude and pray for peace police filled.

Some names typical traditional festival in here like Ati Atihan Festival (Kalibo), Dinagyang Festival (Iloilo), smile MassKara Festival (Bacolod), Sinulog Festival (Cebu), Moriones Festival ( Marinduque island), Kadayawan festival (Davao), Pintados-Kasadyaan festival (Tacloban), flower festival Panagbenga (Baguio) and festival Aliwan Fiesta (Manila) …

Music For Festival In This Countries

There are many festival when you come to Philippines so you can choose a suitable music for these festival. Therefore, it attracts tourism so much with some music line.

Filipinos are very easy to make friends. They were very cordial and hospitable. While talking, they laugh a lot and that makes strangers or foreign visitors feel really comfortable and close. They are very easy to strike up a conversation with the person sitting right next to her.

So want to leave the impression with friends Philippines, be expressed simply and begins the story by showing interest in the country, culture and their families. For the Philippines, the family has a special meaning important to them! They can communicate in English pretty well, so you peace of mind when traveling here without fear astray.

Coming to country, take part in festival and you will have good feeling with music here.