The basic principle for the carpenter to avoid the thread of problems when using a router table.

The wood router is a neccassary tool of carpentry. The engine running by electricity is able to cause the unsafety. Therefore, the labours are required to know the technical standards to operate fluently a wood table router. “the table router not working fluently is similar to sulking but not showing”. The idiom about carpentry has mentioned the hazard of unsafety of the machine during the working time. According to the structure of wood table router, the axis, the joints, shavering blade all have moved advance equally. Therefore, when an item has been out of work, other items could work “ influently”. A best table router works proficiently when the carpenter has known how to use it and prevent it from any problems caused when he works with it.

  1. A couple of accidents can happen to the workers when they have been used the table router in wrong technique:

The unsafe accidents can easily occurred if the carpenter have just worked unpreofessionally or uncarefully. The first accident can happened is that the material has been thrown, which has been caused by router blade fit up untightly. The second difficult situation is the time when you get an electric shock due to the uncovered electric circuit at the electric wires, touching the elcetricity ou of the package of machine, electric contact breaker, electric sockets. It can be the accident of the fire or boom of shavings, sawdust, which causes the humid electric circuit,   leak the electricity. When there is a ray of fire in resonance with the shavings, it is easy to cause the combustion. The next accident is that the strike causing the hurt because of the heads of screw, convex notches resulting in being stuck in the materials, which is able to hurt the labours. The worker can be contaminated the industrial toxic substance, which has been absorbed into the human body through the progress of contacting with wood.

  1. The principles of ensuring the technical safety:

It should be compulsory for the workers to be train the methods of safely working and equiped completely with the devices and tools of labour safety, which supports them to operate the machine proficiently. The suit of labours have been attached by a equipment preventing from contacting before they work such as protecting glasses, face-mask to name but a few. The labour should not use the gloves during the working time, instead, they are encouraged to utilize the aid device ( pushing hand) to avoid striding their hand into the machine.

The workers have to rehearse the machine before they work, check the items and functions of safety devices before they operate and activate the machine. They are required to break switch the source of electricity when it go out or when the work will be finished. The workers are compulsory to clean the devices, machines as well as the office places to prevent the accidents of fire or electrical leakage caused by the shavings, sawdust.

“ When you work in the carpentry, it is unforeseenable that if you work proficiently, you will have not fallen into the accidents such as cutting in yourself finger, getting an electric shock, hurting in the eyes to name but a few. The carpenter are required to be careful and clever to the details. When you directly operate the table router, you have to research thoroughly the items to discover, hear the strange sound of engines, which hép you to estimate the longerity of machine. A Motor should be attached on the electric table router, so the workers have to consider if the motor can be too hot or not when it will have been working in a continous time.

If you use a table router of 100 kg. To this kind of table router, you should not apply it to shaver the thin wooden bars. Furthermore, you should have a habit of checking the shavering blades and power source before you start the machine.

If you want to use with the table router for a long time to do carpentry and not stuck in the situations such as bloom, getting a electric shock hurting on the leg or hand. In addition to paid attention on moving the wooden bar in the machine, the labours also have to take care the power ssource. Because you are a proficient carpenter, you need to regularly check if the electric wires if they are bited by the mice or leakage or not, also make sure that the interrupter will be safe before you activate the machine

  1. Notice:

The machines of caprpentry are diverse and abundant, from the kind of large machine to the portable machines. They depends on many fields which the business have chosen for their company.