When you make a decision to move to a new house, you need to make friends with that new house. In other words, you have to make your new house become cozy and acquainted. You have to get rid of all the old things that the previous homeowners leave there. To have a good start, it is necessary to clean the house and tidy up all the rooms before you move your furniture to this house. All the smell, stains and dust must be wiped away.

This article will give you some instructions about cleaning a new house.

  1. Main tasks

Although as usual, the old homeowners have to clean the house before they leave, in fact, very few people do so. Therefore, you will take full of responsibility for cleaning the whole house. You should prepare your physical and mental health to start cleaning. Here are some main tasks for you:

Clean the upper floor first then the lower floor. Clean carefully where you rarely clean such as the top floor and clean carefully where you often use such as the surface of the doors or glass.

To make it simple, quick and easy, you ought to use some types of detergent for more effective results. For example, for surfaces in the kitchen, you can use dedicated gel for cleaning. Or in the toilet, you can use the detergent to eliminate bad smell.

If you want to repaint the house, you had better use paint – detergent to make the old pain layer disappear.

  1. Do everything in details

First, you have to follow the first step: clean the upper floor first. You will not expect dust or insects or dirt to drop down to the floor, right? So you have to begin with cleaning all the ceilings first. Use a brush with a long stick to detach the dust and spider’s web. Clean all the walls, too. Finally, use a brush to sweep out all of them lying on the floor.

Secondly, clean carefully all the corners and places that are rarely cleaned. How many times have you considered cleaning such places? When you move to the new house, try to focus on where you think you will seldom take care of in the future. In this way, you will get acquainted with the new home. Such places consist of:

  • Walls
  • Behind furniture or equipment
  • Inside the wardrobes and cabinets
  • The chimney and fans
  • Waste baskets

Thirdly, clean all the surfaces. It will be very irritating if there is still dust and dirt remained. It means that the trace of the old homeowners is still in the house. Therefore, clean all the surfaces, including:

  • Kitchen equipment such as stoves, fridges, micro ovens or so on
  • The toilet, bathroom and all the sinks
  • Door holders
  • All the switches

After finishing cleaning, you can bring your new furniture to the house and arrange them.

  1. Erase all the smell

Erasing all the smell is very important. If the smell still remains, your families will feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. For the new house, if there is any bad smell in any room, you should open all the doors and windows first to push the air out and let the natural air come in. After that, you had better spray some perfume out to the air in each room in order that the fragrance will spread out all the space.

  1. Arrange new furniture

A good arrangement is a simple but intelligent arrangement. People often say that they want to decorate and arrange their houses in a modern way. However, almost all of them do not arrange well. All the things in their houses are not well – organized so the houses look so bad and messy. Therefore, the first principle in arranging is the simplicity. You ought to take advantage of the space in the large living room to arrange the set of sofa, bookshelves and a corner for entertainment. In each personal room, you only need a bed, a wardrobe and a table. In the kitchen, you will have to organize everything orderly.

The kitchen is always messy after you cook but you should arrange kitchen furniture in right position. Try to minimize the amount of furniture. Just arrange what is necessary and what is often used. The other things should be put aside to save the space. Your houses need to be airy so if you arrange too much furniture, there will be no space for moving and the air cannot come into the house, let alone the room.

You see, there is a lot of work when you move to a new house. Remember that make a list what to do and divide your family into two groups to be responsible for types of work.