Review About The Different Types Of Delay Pedal On The Market
Review About The Different Types Of Delay Pedal On The Market

It can be said that nowadays, the delay pedal is one of the most important tools for the entire guitar player to show their performance better. However, not many people know exactly what types of delay pedal sold on the market now as well as how to deploy it. This section will mention about the tricks how to choose the best delay pedal.

Sometimes a charismatic rock music not only depends on the vocalist (vocal), but also depends heavily on the instrument (instrument) especially the guitar, the lead paragraph climax. The hollow tone, sometimes soaring claritycan be able to bring the  timbre transformation incalculable. Also from a guitar but it can give a lot of different sounds. To do so, it should have a department for creating sound effects which we often call the delay pedal

What Is Delay Pedal?

Euphoria is the device used to align, transformed the sound of the electric guitar a variety of different languages. Phnom usually press-button foot (pedal), which the player can change the language does not need to hand when playing. A simple euphoria last 2 sockets: In and Out. In receiving a signal from above, signaling to the speaker out.

 The Term For The Delay Pedal

From euphoria Fuzz comes from sound in English (the name of a similar effect Distortion). Since the last decade, the precursor rocker in Vietnam began using the wrong word (this is the name of an effect, not the name of the line equipment). Gradually, from the euphoria has infiltrated the international language of the Rock, long false to true. From Phnom current meaning everything sounds transformed to electric guitar.

Classification Of The Delay Pedal

 Based On The Categories

The Compact Pedal Or The Stomp Box

It can be said that this is one of the delay pedal which brings only one effect or an unique amp. This type owns a pedal with the on and off mode. All the data is controlled by hand and this one is not bale to store the different types of default. This is caused by the fact that almost the compact pedal is made from the real electric wire. Although this one is quite uncomfortable during the process of using, it still brings the players a high standard sound system.

Phnom Department is kind of euphoria in her only a single Effect or an Amp. Phnom this type usually only one pedal on / off; step one is On, stomped a cork is Off. The parameters are directly screwed by hand, without the ability to store different types of alignment. The reason is largely composed of local euphoria mach real power, not as euphoria desktop emulator. Although inconvenient to use, the local euphoria gives very good audio player.

The Multi Effect Pedal

This type of pedal is the electric delay pedal which owns in its design a large number of effect as well as different types of amp. This one can be able to combine the types of effect as well as amp together. It can be said that each type of effect and amp has its own the private method in order to install the data. The delay pedal can be capable of storing all this data in its memory and then it can describe this storage through only one or several steps on the pedal. It is believed that the delay pedal is often designed like a table in  order to create the feeling of comfort for the users. However, the most outstanding feature which is used in order to define a delay pedal is in the fact that this device can be able to store the different default, not in the shape or the appearance of it. Due to the fact that the delay pedal can be able to store the different installation, this device is very comfortable. However, should you pay attention that the volume of the multi effect pedal is not as good as the compact pedal or stomp box.

Based On The Effect Group

Overdrive / Distortion

Acoutic Dimention (Delay, Reverb, Echo …)

Modulation (Chorus, Tremolo, Phase, Flanger, Rotary, Panner …)

Pitch / Shifter (Wah, Whammy, Octave, Shiffer, Filter …)

Change tone & Gain Port (Compresor, Equalizer, Noise Gate …)

Other Pedal Volume, control, looper, tuner … (No-Effect)

 The Principle Of Operation

This one is mainly based on the two factors including:

  • Analog
  • Digital

Hope that based on this information, all of the guitar players can be able to choose the best device for the purpose of performing their guitar ability. If you want to update more information about the different types of delay pedal, do not forget to update on our website.