Help You Choose The Most Suitable Music In Festival
Help You Choose The Most Suitable Music In Festival

The festival is a chance to return to the source of human, natural origin or origins of the nation are the spiritual meaning in each person’s mind.

Music plays an important role in festival. You can consider and in some situation of organizing a festival, you can choose music line that is suitable for the feature of that countries. And then it will bring success to this festival.

The Festival In A Country

The festival is very significant village community, local or wider nation. They worshiped gods, who aim to unite to overcome hardships, won the prosperous life, happiness.

The festival is also the creative needs and enjoyment of the cultural value of material and spiritual of all strata of the population; is a form of education, transfer to future generations to know to preserve, inherit and develop the traditional moral values ​​of the nation valuable on its own, combining elements of spirituality and racing games financial, entertainment …

The festival is a chance people is solved, seven sorrow, anxiety with god, god forward to help, carrying mask unto overcome challenges to a brighter tomorrow.

Traditional festivals are historical phenomena, cultural phenomena have been in a countries for a long time and have no small role in social life. In recent years, in the context of industrialization, modernization and international integration of our country, traditional culture in general, including traditional festivals have been restored and developed, enriched cultural life of people.

However, besides the positive side, good in recovery and promotion of traditional festivals of contemporary social life, it is not at the emerging issues that society needs to look back and find ways fix to the essence of the traditional festival is promoted and developed, gradually overcoming the limitations and negative.

And always so, all human actions are starting awareness, just as we have proper awareness about traditional festivals, the recovery and promote it in contemporary social life brings new desired effect.

The Role Of Festival In This Times

Today, in an era of scientific and technical revolution, computerization, globalization, human awakening on the state of separation between themselves and the natural environment; with an ancient history, with unique cultural traditions are being eroded.

It is in the natural environment and society as such, as ever more people in need towards, rediscover the roots of their natural, mix with the natural environment; return, rediscover and affirm the origin communities and their cultural identity in the general human culture.

The main traditional cultures, including traditional festivals is a symbol, can meet his urgent needs. It is also a sustainable humanity and depth of the festival can meet the needs of people of all ages.

The Role Of Country Music To Festival

Also known as country music country music. It appeared in the US in the ’30s by British immigration to America. It carried the unique folk songs of her homeland here.

Unlike the fiery rock song, soaring melody or rhythm of jazz’s most popular rap / hiphop. Country music as folk songs with lyrics telling stories affordable style, rustic.

The theme of the song is about love of country usually couples, family love, friendship, love of nature, the life of the cowboy on horseback, on the lives of the poor, lost their homes, lost loved ones, the separation or relive old memories such as childhood, coming home to visit, ….

Country music was originally brought slightly rustic, affordable and simple ancient. Later is divided into several branches. Mixing country music with other music to satisfy the tastes of the audience. Should have a combination of a little country music direction rock, pop and rap. Some popular genre Country: Alternative Country, Bluegrass, Country Blues, Country Neotraditional.

In traditional festival, people usually play this kind of music. That is when songs about our countries are taken out. It brings a good feeling for people who taking part in a festival in this country.

There are many festival in a country in a year. Each festival has individual shade, has different features. And then depend on the characteristic of that festival to choose suitable music.

Among many music line nowadays, there are some new music line. But country music is popular and it is used so much in festivals.